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Bespoke Order

In an increasingly homogenised world, bespoke garments offer a more personal, individualised and unique form of luxury.

At NeobotanicFashion’s London atelier we design and create unique made-to-measure one-of-a-kind pieces that give expression to the style of each individual.

No woman is the same – in body or spirit.

So using our exclusive silk fabric collection, we collaborate with you to design and create exclusive, personalised one-off garments that are handmade and expertly crafted to perfectly meet your needs in terms of fit, lifestyle, tastes and body shape.

Contact us with details of your request


Initial Contact
Following a consultation during which we will explore and establish your particular style preferences, the design process will begin as we articulate the type of dress, skirt or blouse you have in mind. We are perfectly happy for clients to provide us with photos to aid the design process, and help realise their vision.

Our talented and professional team will produce a series of sketches to clarify your ideas and once a final design has been confirmed and approved, a fabric will be chosen.

When choosing a fabric, you can browse through the wide range of exclusive limited edition NeobotanicFashion silk fabrics catalogued on our website. We are flexible in terms of working with your own fabrics, but we do so only on the condition they are used in combination with NeobotanicFashion silks.

Once the design and fabrics have been finalised we will be able to quote the cost of your NeobotanicFashion made-to-measure garment, including design, fitting and actual make.

The next stage is to arrange an appointment, for us to take all your measurements. We then create a unique pattern based on those measurements, and for more complex designs produce the calico toile – a garment prototype made from a cheaper material.

A fitting appointment will then be required, for you to try your unfinished garment on so we can check the fit and make any further adjustments necessary to achieve your perfect fit. However extra fitting appointments might be required for more sophisticated designs.

The final phase of the NeobotanicFashion made-to-measure process is an inspection and approval of the finished garment to ensure that it meets your expectations.

From concept to reality, your bespoke made-to-measure NeobotanicFashion outfit will be finished in 1-4 weeks. We look forward to working with you and create stunning and unique pieces that suit your individual style, figure, and lifestyle.