NeobotanicFashion is a luxury brand which brings art, nature and cutting-edge style together, with a new aesthetic inspired by botanical elements. Using the forms, shapes, and patterns that we find in flora and plants, NeobotanicFashion reinvents nature’s designs to create a new vision and a new way to design prints. Each beautiful piece pays homage to the botanic species from which it takes inspiration.

NeobotanicFashion was founded in 2012 by London-based designer Olga Ankudinova, with the aim of creating “a playful fashion brand, targeted at those who are bold and passionate about fashion, not afraid to stand out from the crowd”. Only months later, in the same year, NeobotanicFashion’s debut collection featured at the world renowned London and Paris Fashion Weeks.

NeobotanicFashion designs and manufactures products at our own factory in the heart of London, where we produce the most exquisite and exceptional scarves, dresses, shirts, tunics, caftans and ties, handmade from the finest silks available.

NeobotanicFashion only produces a small print run of limited edition designs, offering our customers pieces that are distinctive, exclusive, rare and unique. In addition, all of NeobotanicFashion’s garments can be customized by our expert tailors, to guarantee both comfort and the perfect fit.

In a modern world shaped by technology and the metropolitan, each day we move further away from the experience of nature in our everyday lives – through innovative design and the finest materials NeobotanicFashion brings the colour, elegance and beauty of nature back into our lives.